Our history of raising processing is long; it goes all the way back to the 1960s.At that time, our company adopted the chain-type universal raising machine developed in France, and began French raising with Swiss-made raising fillet.
Now, we have 12 raising machines, handling loop raising, cut raising, sanding raising and fleece raising.We strive everyday to expand and develop our line of products, currently including the B side of the Touch and close fasteners, car seats, inside liners of sportswear and 2-way tricot raised fabric.
We also own three shirring machines and an emery machine, processing various high value-added products.
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Raising machine

Synthetic fabric (circular and flat knitting) goes through a number of treatment processes of dyeing and finishing according to usage in order to gain maximum functionability and comfort of textiles and increase their added value.Raised fabric is our specialty, and with our long-accumulated advanced raising technology, we create high-level textile products every day.
Shearing machine

In the field of tricot, mainly stretching material as well as synthetic leather, flock fabric and others, we increase the functionality of knit fabric by utilizing the characteristics of various treatment processes.
The 12 raising machines are all of different models, and we aim to produce distinguished and unique products by accumulating years of experience and continuing to improve our technology.
With our integrated manufacturing from storage to product shipment, we have realized the optimum combination of high-quality and low-cost, and we are confident that we maintain the lead in the competition with other companies.