Our department of technology development concerts its efforts
into R&D of a variety of fields, from processing technology for dyeing,
raising and finishing to various industrial materials to carpets, centering on synthetic materials.
Work-wise, we are trying to enhance our computer control system with process automation
efforts and such, accomplish thorough quality control, and also are aiming to become a company
that lives in harmony (and grows) with the surrounding community by improving our environmental conservation facilities
that create a better living environment.

We acquired the ISO9001 approval on March 20th, 2000.
High product quality is something that is expected.
We have set as our quality goal the stability of quality and continuous improvement so that our customers can rely on our products. And, to make sure that our goal is met, we have also set an to abide by.
Every employee now carries with them the Action Guideline as well as a card that shows what he/she should do, what he/she can do, and what he/she wants to do, and the entire company is progressing towards our goal.
We meet our expectations, and we meet them continuaslly. This is Shinwafs motto.