December 1945
Shinwa Packing was founded
Inspection and manufacturing piece goods of woven fabric, knitted fabric, lace, etc.
Established with the packaging business as its primary operation

September 1963
Changed the company name to Shinwa Co.
Changed the corporation charter to renew company management, widened the scope of the business purpose, and changed the company name.

January 1976
Installed circular knitting machines for carpets and gymwear for students and began the knitting business

August 1976
Installed raising machines and shearing machines, and began raising and shearing processing for bedware, clothing and industrial materials

November 1979
Along with the enlargement of the knitting business for carpets and gymwear, moved and consolidated the knitting plants to Ritto-cho, and the Ritto Plant began its operation

June 1979
Increased the capital to \48,000,000

November 1979
Began dyeing processing of bedware, materials and carpets at the head plant.

December 1979
Increased the capital to \72,000,000

March 1981
Completed and began operation of the wastewater treatment facility as an independent treatment facility

December 1983
Aside from the dyeing processing of bedware, materials, carpets etc., established a system that allows the integrated knitting and dyeing processing of circular knitted sportswear, expanding its operations

August 1989
Installed a cleaning facility for carpets, began the carpet cleaning operation

June 1990
Newly built a product warehouse, enabling storage of all stock within the company

November 1994
Upgraded and expanded the pre-wet and rotor dampening systems

June 1996
Newly built a fabric warehouse, enabling storage of all stock within the company

June 1999
Increased the capital to \99,800,000 (Full amount underwritten by SBIC West Japan)

March 2005
Took over the Touch and close fastener business from Kanebo Bell-Touch