Our challenge for colors

Ideal corporate image (We call our corporate philosophy our ideal corporate image (what the company should be))

                    ・To be a company that is beneficial to and needed by our customers.
                    ・To be an honest company that is relied upon by our clients.
                    ・To be a company that is worthy of the efforts of our employees.

Groundwater from the water vein of YasuRiver, a first-class river that feeds into LakeBiwa, which is the largest lake in Japan, has been long known as the best water for dyeing. The location is also ideal, located only 10 minutes from the Ritto Interchange of the Meishin Expressway.

Our company specializes in the textile business, including knitting (circular and flat), raising, dyeing and finish processing of knit fabric, dyeing and processing operations of carpets (tufted carpets), and now the manufacturing and sales of cloth Touch and close fasteners.

Thanks to our customers, our products are being widely used in clothing and sleeping goods to industrial materials and even in the field of interior decorations, and are showing steady growth.

We will continue to develop new products and make every effort to satisfy our customers.

We sincerely appreciate your future support and patronage.


Hiroshi Imai