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Executive director



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Auditor (part-time)

Shinwa Co.

1147 YasuYasuCity, ShigaPrefecture

December 2nd, 1963



Hiroshi Imai

Mitsugu Imai

Norifusa Tsuruoka

Toru Uchida

Ippei Futayama

Yasuhiro Matsumoto

Business description
・Raising, shearing, dyeing and finish processing of synthetic fiber knit fabric (tricot, circular)
・Dyeing and finish processing of carpets
・Sales of circular knit fabric
・Manufacturing and sales of Touch and close fasteners

Main products
Touch and close fasteners (BELL-TOUCH A side and B side), synthetic leather cloth (for automobiles, clothing, furniture, etc.), innerwear materials, lining materials for sportswear, other materials (for shoes, bags, furniture, home appliances, etc.), table clothes, wiping clothes, etc.

Major customers
Toray, Shiraishi Calcium, Toyo Tateami, Onoshoji, Yoshioka, Unitika Fibers, Sawamura, Itochu, Yamamoto Agricultural, Amon, Wakisangyo, N.I. Teijin Shoji

Major installations
・16 jet dyeing machines for woven fabric (of these, 10 are high-pressure)
・2 wince dyeing machines for carpets
・3 resin finishing machines for woven fabric
・2 dryers for woven fabric1 textile dryer for woven fabric
・1 dryer for carpets
・12 raising machines
・1 emery raising machine
・3 shirring machines
・10 fabric inspection/winding/relaxing machines
・4 centrifugal dehydrators
・6 compact through flow boilers
・1 set of wastewater treatment facility
・1 set of Touch and close fastener processing facility2004 June term:

Annual sales
2003 June term: \1,275,000,000
2002 June term: \1,205,000,000

Plant and company
building size
Plant premises: 15,410m2
Building: 11,312m2
Wastewater treatment facility premises: 4,648m2

As of Oct 2004