The secret of BELL-TOUCH

gTouch and close fastenersh are already a part of everyonefs lives. Since they stick together and pull apart as many times as you need, it is no wonder that they are used in so many places.
But wait. Why do Touch and close fasteners like BELL-TOUCH gstickh and gpull aparth easily? The secret is the magic of the two types of cloth of BELL-TOUCH.
If you enlarge the surface of BELL-TOUCH, you will find that there are two shapes, a mushroom-like protrusion (for the Hook type, you will see hooks) and loops.
When these two shapes are pressed together, the heads of the mushrooms get caught in the loops, binding the two clothes together.
When pulling them apart, tugging will pry the mushrooms loose from the loops, and the two clothes will release each other with ease.

How to handle BELL-TOUCH

If you have a favorite piece of clothing or a lunch bag you spent a lot of time making, it is natural that youfd want to use them for as long as possible.
Here are tips on how to prolong the product life of BELL-TOUCH.

Q. Is it washing machine safe?
A. Yes. When washing in washing machines, either make sure that the Hook (Mushroom) side and the Loop side are firmly adhered together, or use a laundry net. This will prevent them from hurting other pieces of laundry, and also from collecting unwanted fibers while in the machine.
Q. Can it be dry-cleaned?
A. Those that are sewn on can be dry-cleaned.
Q. Can it be ironed?
A. It can be ironed, but make sure that the heated surface does not come in direct contact with BELL-TOUCH. Either iron from the inside of the fabric or put a handkerchief etc. between the iron and the BELL-TOUCH.

The story of BELL-TOUCH

If you look at BELL-TOUCH which is made of synthetic fibers, it seems that it was invented by some wisdom relating to chemistry and technology.
However, it was nature that triggered the invention of Touch and close fasteners.
In 1984, Mr. George de Mestral of Switzerland went hunting in a mountain, and realized that there were many cockleburs stuck all over his clothes.
After carefully studying the cockleburs, he realized that tiny hook-shaped protrusions on their surface were clinging to the fibers of his clothes, making them stick.
Gaining hint from this, he used nylon strings to create Touch and close fasteners with hooks and loops.
Since then, numerous companies have conducted many researches, and a wide variety of Touch and close fasteners were born.
Our company focused our attention on BELL-TOUCH, the mushroom-type Touch and close fastener, and is continuing to improve its adhesiveness.