BELL-TOUCH is everywhere
Here we introduce to you various scenes where BELL-TOUCH is appreciated.

BELL-TOUCH in offices
Where in the left picture can BELL-TOUCH be?
BELL-TOUCH is used at the connection of the partitions.
BELL-TOUCH, applied to both of the narrow sides of the partitions, allows attachment of partitions in any way of choice.
It is light, and it doesnft require any tools. Allows easy layout change even for women!

BELL-TOUCH in civil worksites
The picture shows the worksite of a tunnel construction.
BELL-TOUCH is found even in a situation like this.
The Mushroom-type BELL-TOUCH is used to attach the tarpaulin.
The strong adhesive power of the Mushroom type temporarily attaches the heavy tarpaulin firmly, and since it doesnft rot, maintains its power for a long time even among concrete.
A feat only possible for the strong Mushroom type.

The two forms of BELL-TOUCH that are most familiar to you are probably the BELL-TOUCH belt and the Magiclobond. BELL-TOUCH, easily cuttable with scissors, will no doubt be your reliable partner in DIY, fastening, attaching, pulling off and sliding in any way you choose.
The Hook type and the Mushroom type are both available. Please choose according to your needs.

BELL-TOUCH for your hair styling
Curlers are a must in womenfs hair styling. Did you know that curlers are made of BELL-TOUCH?
The Hook type is ideal for wrapping hair strands and holding them in place. The roll type, ideal for traveling, unwraps in sheet form so that it can be conveniently carried without being bulky.

BELL-TOUCH in automobiles
Materials used for automobile parts must be lightweight. Here is another use of BELL-TOUCH. With strong binding ability and lightness, it is no wonder that it is used for automobiles.
Maybe you will find BELL-TOUCH in your automobile. Try looking!

BELL-TOUCH at logistics site
BELL-TOUCH is reusable, allowing sticking and pulling apart thousands of times. Therefore, it is often used in lids of returnable containers. Also, since its abilities are maintained even under severe conditions, it can be relied upon to carry important items.
Magiclobond, BELL-TOUCH with strong adhesive applied to it, can be easily attached to polypropylene returnable containers.

BELL-TOUCH in agricultural equipment
BELL-TOUCH is used in joining sections of agricultural sheets (used to block frost, wind, excessive sunlight, etc.). Also, as a special use, it is used to cultivate enoki mushrooms (flammulina veluptipes) as seen in the picture. It allows these mushrooms to grow straight up without scars or bruises.
It is also used to bind tobacco leaves together.

BELL-TOUCH for grinding machine parts
BELL-TOUCH is used for parts of grinding machines.
Grinding machines using BELL-TOUCH are used to polish surfaces of extremely expensive marble.
We also offer wide types for punching out to meet different polishing needs.
(Ex. Side A: 160 mm, Side B: 560 mm and 1,000 mm)


BELL-TOUCH for medical equipment.
BELL-TOUCH can even be found in the medical world.
For medical equipment that must be put on and taken off frequently, as in the blood pressure meter in the picture, BELL-TOUCHfs durability is ideal.
Always easy to stick on and pull off, and always reliable, even after repeated use.
Precision and durability are characteristics of BELL-TOUCH.

BELL-TOUCH in clothing
BELL-TOUCH is used in many pieces of clothing.
Becoming a part of the fabric and being washable, BELL-TOUCH is used where buttons and hooks would not suffice.
As in the picture, BELL-TOUCH is used in wetsuits for its durability against salt water.
Everyone wants to wear their favorite clothing for a long time.
Thatfs why the choice is the durable BELL-TOUCH.