Magiclobond is BELL-TOUCH applied in the back with our company’s original special pressure-sensitive adhesive (rubber-based hot melt resin).
It can adhere to stainless steel, aluminum, ABS resin as well as polypropylene.
With its strong adhesive, use it for interior decorations, to prevent toppling and breaking of decorative items, or in any imaginative way you can think of.

Artificial Grass Bell-Line Lining Tape
With the sports boom, activity grounds with artificial grass are increasing in number.
Until now, laying down lining tapes on artificial grass had been a very difficult task, but now it is easy with our very own artificial grass lining tape developed with application of production technology of the mushroom-type BELL-TOUCH. It is reusable, and can be laid down speedily.
The patented Bell-Line can draw not only straight lines but also curves and corners, enabling various uses of activity grounds.
We have a variety of types such as non-sanded, sanded, rubber chippings and long-turf version to meet various artificial grass needs.

With its own equipment, storage and laying down the lines is easy.

Brush products for industrial materials
By applying our production technology of BELL-TOUCH, we produce and develop brushes for industrial use (automobiles, electronic devices, etc.).
Please don’t hesitate to ask for details.

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